YO! Retail Range

Packaging design

The previous designs of this range were in a printed transparent substrate which diluted the colours used and was challenging to achieve a fully opaque finish on the ‘bright white’ colour integral to the design, giving the product an overall disappointing final visual impact. 

Moving the product into a fully opaque aluminium substrate allowed the colours to be much more vibrant on pack and improves the overall visual impact of the product significantly. 


As shoppers in this fixture at supermarkets make quick purchase choices, the real challenge was to grab their attention whilst giving the consumer all the relevant information to make a decision. Using a bold type face to showcase the products flavours, with a clear secondary descriptor to explain how to use the product, helps to break down the barriers to Japanese cooking on-shelf and convert the consumer to use trial these flavoursome Japanese dishes.


Simple and easy to follow icons give quick information to help consumers understand how to use the product, further building on the accessible positioning of the product and increasing consumer confidence to purchase and trial. 


I used a pattern matt varnish leaving the plate of food and the YO! brand with the natural gloss of the aluminium, thus allowing for an extra high-end feel to this fixture in retail synonymous with the premium